2018 Dutch F-35A Low Level in Beast Mode

It was a 2.5 mile hike after a 25 mile dirt road deep inside the Sequoia National Forest to get to this spot. Subject of the day: Dutch F-35’s! One in Stealth and the other in Beast mode. It was amazing to see how maneuverable the F-35 is with heavy weapons mounted on its wings. 

2018 Dutch F-35A Sunrise photoshoot at Edwards AFB

One of my favorite ground shoots. After a memorable low level photo shoot in the Sequoia National Forest I did a Sunrise shoot with the same Dutch F-35A on the following day. Edwards Air Force Base is a place that breaths magic and this morning was no other. Creating images like these is a true team effort. A team of 323 TES of The Royal Netherlands Air Force and the local Fire Brigade did everything to get me the killers hots that I was after. 

2017 148th FS Low Level & Tucson ground photos

Photo album with ground shots that I took in December 2017 with the 148th FS ‘Kicking Ass’ of the Arizona ANG. The 148th FS is the Dutch F-16 training unit which teaches new F-16 pilots and also provides combat training for current F-16 pilots over the Arizona desert. In this collection you see samples of an amazing Low Level adventure. In addition to that I includes some ramp shots that I took during an evening photo shoot with the squadron in cooperation with the Center Of Aviation Photography. You can find airborne images of the same week with the 148th FS here and here. 

2017 148th FS

Airborne images of F-16’s of the 148th FS “Kicking Ass’ from the Arizona ANG. These images where shot during a photo sortie with a Dutch F-35 and on the following day from a Shorts Skavan. 

2017 Florida ANG F-15’s over Romania

In the Summer of 2017 the 159th EFS of the Florida ANG deployed to Campia Turzii in Romania for a TSP deployment. On behalf of Combat Aircraft Magazine I visited the squadron and flew on a dedicated photo mission to capture their F-15’s with the local MiG-21 LanceR’s. It was the second time for me to fly with the Florida guardsmen and woman after I flew with them in 2015 out of Bulgaria. Thanks again to all of you in the Florida ANG for hosting me!

2017 F-22A Raptor encounter

During my F-16 flight over Wisconsin in May 2017, during exercise Northern Light, I was extremely lucky to encounter a pair of F-22A Raptors for a very short photo opportunity. After the two ship took some gas for their flight home to Langley AFB they joined up on my F-16D for a few unprepared photo set ups. To this date I am still stunned by the maneuverability of these aircraft. INCREDIBLE!