2016 Star Wars Canyon Low Level action!

Griffin Eagles, American F-35A’s and C’s and some other gems are in this collection of Low Level photo’s. This was the third time that I have been to the world famous Starwars Canyon and the forst time I did some pre planned photo shoots with a few pilots. 

2016 flying over Colorado with the 140th WG

Flying with the Mile High Militia, the 140th WG of the Colorado ANG. This photo flight had it all, great flying by the pilots, great photo opportunities( including weapon releases, a first for me!) and of course the amazing landscape of Colorado. Its not going to get any better than this!

2016 F-15 encounters Bulgarian MiG-29

During their TSP deployment to Europe in 2016 the 194th EFS ‘Griffins’ of the California ANG conducted Air Policing duties in Bulgaria. On their ferry from Romania to Bulgaria I was invited to take pictures of Bulgarian MiG-29’s and the mighty F-15’s.

2016 The Griffins over Romania

In the summer of 2016 the 194th EFS ‘Griffins’ of the California ANG deployed F-15 Eagles to Romania for joined training with the local MiG-21 LanceR’s. On behalf of Combat Aircraft Monthly I was offered backseat rides to grab aerial images of the Eagles and LanceRs. It was the first time I worked with the Griffins. Fortunately more opportunities came after this memorable visit to the squadron in Romania.