August 2022 Air Forces Monthly

August 2022, Air Forcers Monthly. I am proud to have illustrated a 10 page feature by Rich Cooper about Alaskan Air Power, including the magazine cover. This feature is the result of a great trip to Alaska in the spring…

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July 2022 Air Forces Monthly

July 2022, Air Forcers Monthly. I provided the images for a feature by Gert Kromhout about 312 squadron, the last operational F-16 squadron in the Royal Netherlands Air Force.

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June 2022 Onze Luchtmacht

Onze Luchtmacht 22-3 Extensive report about the last Dutch F-16 class at Tucson IAP by Gert Kromhout. I provided the images, including the cover of the magazine.

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May 2022 Koku-Fan

My ENJJPT photo’s made it to Japan! The May 2022 issue of Koku-Fan featured a multiple page spread about the 40th anniversary of the Training Program.

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March 2022 Combat Aircraft Journal

March 2022 Combat Aircraft Journal. I proudly provided the magazine with an F-15 from photo for their cover. The F-15 belongs to the 159th FS/ 125th FW from the Florida Air National Guard.

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