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Hey! Thank you for your interest in me and my work. I am Frank from Emmeloord, the Netherlands, and I am an extremely passionate aviation photographer, and sometimes writer. Besides being a vivid aviation geek I am a family man, entrepreneur and I love to physically challenge myself in the gym or while riding my racebike.

This website was created to supplement my social media channels on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I feel that there is a need to provide more background information about me and my work and I hope you will enjoy the extensive galleries on this website.

Flying with the Mile High Militia F-16's of the Colorado Air National Guard in December 2016.

How it all got started
I started photographing airplanes in the late 1980’s after I was introduced to the military aviation scene by my uncles, dr. Hans Crebas and Ide Wobma. It would have been obvious that I would have joined the Royal Netherlands Air Force, but instead I got involved in harness horse racing and became a race horse driver.

In 2000 I made a drastic career change and switched a Sulky for a desk and became one of the first employees at Marktplaats.nl. Marktplaats.nl is a website with classified advertisements and was co-owned by my parents at that date. In 2004 this website was sold to eBay while at the meantime I was the proud CEO of Marktplaats.nl, with over 120 employees at the payrol.

Netl de Wildste Tuin
I was involved in the selling process of the company to its new owner. After Marktplaats.nl became an eBay company I left the online business in may 2005 and co-founded a new company, Netl with my parents Carla Wobma, Bob Crébas and my younger brother Robin Crébas. Netl is a leisure and recreation park and camping under the brand Kallumaan. I serve as one of the directors at Netl.

Netl is also home of Wildeburg, one of the most populair dance festivals of The Netherlands. Wildeburg is a production of Kultlab.

Me In The F 4F Phantom
Over the years I logged flying hours in the following jets:
  • TA-4K Skyhawk
  • F-4F Phantom II
  • F-15D Eagle
  • F-16 Fighting Falcon
  • CT-155 Hawk
  • T-38 Talon
  • L-39
  • MB339A
  • CM-170 Magister
  • Saab 105

Aviation professional
After selling Marktplaats I starting to invested more and more time in aviation photography and professionalize my photo work. From then on I started publishing in magazines like Combat Aircraft Monthly and Air Forces Monthly. To date I am proud to be a special correspondent to Combat Aircraft Monthly and work as a freelancer for a wide variety of media outlets.

Aerial photography
As part of the first book project I got the unique opportunity to get a backseat flight in an F-16 of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Since then I grew a massive passion for aerial photography and got in the position to have flown in many types and squadrons ever since.

Besides being a freelancer I also act as a volunteer for the Royal Netherlands Air Force Association ‘Onze Luchtmacht‘ as a member of the editorial team. Next to that I also serve in the board of the Dutch Hawker Hunter Foundation. In my life outside aviation I am an active member of our Local Rotary club.

Me with my daughters Sidney, Dakota and Meadow and my wife Marieke and her son Mats.
I have been following The Netherlands Air Force F-35 since its early days. I feel very privileged to have done most of the photo work that has been done with 323 TES, the RNLAF F-35 Operational Test and Evaluation squadron. The image above was made after an epic sunrise photo shoot in the summer of 2018.
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